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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

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Tankless heater install

Water Heater repair and replacement

Are you experiencing any of these issues with your hot water heater?

*Leaking heater tank
*pilot light won’t stay lit
*Pop sound coming from heater
*Tankless heater error code
*Rotten egg smell from hot water
*Water stays lukewarm


Water heater repair and replacement is just one area that Cooper Plumbing specializes in. When it is time for your to replace your current hot water system, reach out to Cooper Plumbing, so we can recommend the correct type or equipment for your property. You may have a commercial property with a variety of hot water needs or you may just need to replace an old tank. Either way our team can recommend the correct repair or suggest ideas for new models that will meet your standards and needs. We can do work on any gas, electric or tankless water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters

This may be a new concept to your or it may be something you already use in your home or business. A tankless water heater can heat water directly without use of a storage tank. The way it work goes like this: the hot water tap is turned on, at first cold water travels through the pipes and into the unit. A gas burner or electric component will then heat the water. Tankless models deliver a consistent supply of hot water and it only operates when hot water is be requested. No need for storage tanks to keep the hot water or to reheat it, therefore, homeowners and business owners prefer this system over the traditional hot water heater using a tank. The electronic component means there is no standing pilot light constantly using energy. Tankless systems are much more energy efficient and even more they can save owners on utility costs. If you need water heater repair replacement or installation then do not hesitate to contact us at Cooper Plumbing today.