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Damaged gas or sewer lines can lead to dangerous health risks as well as costly and inconvenient household and property issues. How can you tell if your gas or sewer lines need maintenance or repair and when you should contact a plumber? Cypress-area residents should look for these warning signs. 

Signs that Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Taking care of your home requires you to pay attention to sights, sounds, and smells that seem unusual. Be aware of the signs that may indicate you may need a sewer line repair or sewer line E1B954A6 BF09 8DFD 761269A9E80D1611.sewer line repair maintenance

  • You smell sewer gas – Sewer gas smells a lot like rotting food because it’s a mix of various compounds like ammonia, methane, and sulfides that are present in sewage.
  • You notice clogs, backups, or slow drains – blockages or slow drains could be due to a broken sewer line or tree roots that are obstructing the flow. It’s possible you have a clogged sewer line if:
    • Water backs up out of a drain or toilet
    • You hear gurgling noises when flushing or using faucets
    • Sinks or toilets overflow when you use your washing machine
    • Your drain or toilets are constantly clogged
  • Take a close look at your lawn – A lush, green lawn is something you strive for as a homeowner. But if only a small section of your lawn exhibits these properties, it may be a sign that you have a broken sewer line. Another thing to look for is sogginess or a bad smell.
  • Infestations – Rodents and insects thrive in sewers, and they can make their way into small cracks or a cracked drain pipe. A soggy lawn could have been the breeding ground for the insects that will eventually invade your home.
  • Broken or cracked walls or slabs – Although foundations will develop cracks over time, a broken sewer line could work to erode the foundation of your home by washing away the soil. Look for new or developing cracks and schedule an inspection to determine the cause.
  • Mold or mildew – Either a broken water pipe or sewer line could cause the appearance of wet spots on your ceilings, floors, or wall. You’ll want to hire an expert to find out the source of the wet spots so that mold isn’t given a chance to spread.

If you notice any of the above warning signs, please call a licensed plumber. Cypress-area and Houston residents should note that quick action could prevent costly home repair bills by taking preventative action.

Sewer gas can also lead to health problems, as sewers contain many kinds of bacteria that can create toxic gases:

  • Ammonia – You’ll likely recognize this compound as it’s an active ingredient in most glass cleaning products, like Windex. It’s safe on its own but could cause irritation. It’s also potentially when combined with bleach.
  • Carbon dioxide – Sewers don’t typically produce enough carbon dioxide to be harmful, but too much of it could lead to a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – You’re probably familiar with the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide. In large amounts, it can be poisonous.
  • Methane – Methane is highly flammable and can create a fire hazard in large quantities.


Health problems from sewer gas exposure are generally mild, but prolonged exposure may lead to headaches, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, loss of appetite, sinus infections, and breathing difficulties. And if at one time started smelling rotten eggs but no longer detect the odor, be aware that exposure to hydrogen sulfide can get in the way of your ability to smell.

Signs that Your Gas Line Needs Repair

You may have heard that if you smell rotten eggs it means you may have a gas leak. Natural gas doesn’t have an odor, but a chemical scent is added to help people recognize when they may have a gas leak problem. Aside from that awful smell, look for these other signs that you might have a gas leak and should call a plumbing company. Cypress-area and Houston homeowners should take notice of:

  • A gas bill that’s higher than expected
  • Strange noises or hissing coming from your household appliances
  • Your houseplants are dying
  • There’s white mist or fog surrounding your property (and your clothes dryer is not in use)
  • You see a yellow flame in your furnace instead of a blue one. 

You can also perform what’s known as the bubble test:

  1. Fill a large container with water and mix in a small amount of dish soap.
  2. Ensure that the gas is turned on.
  3. Use a cloth or sponge to wipe down the area where you suspect a leak.
  4. If bubbles form, that indicates a leak is present.

If you recognize any of these warning signs, you may require plumbing services for gas line repair or gas line replacement. Gas leaks can lead to carbon monoxide exposure, which – over an extended period of time – can cause very serious health issues, including miscarriage, cardiovascular issues, brain disorders, coma or death. If you do suspect you have a gas leak, evacuate your home immediately and call the fire department in your area.


Licensed Plumbing Company Cypress

It’s so important to be aware of potential gas or sewer line problems that, if not fixed or replaced, could lead to much bigger issues in the future. For expert diagnosis and efficient repair, you can rely on Cooper Plumbing – the residential plumbing company Cypress and Houston-area residents trust.


Sewer Line Repair & Maintenance Services

Sewer line clogs and blockages are one of the most common causes for a drain line to become damaged or broken. Our experienced plumbing technicians use a process called hydro-jetting, which uses pressurized water to remove buildup and blockages. These systems use up to 4,000 psi and should be performed only by professional plumbers to prevent damage to the sewage pipes.

Professional Gas Line Service

If you are faced with a gas line problem and need a gas line repair gas line replacement or installation, then you are dealing with a serious safety hazard. Only a highly trained technician with expert skill is qualified to work with natural gas. The team at Cooper Plumbing possesses the knowledge and the skills needed to repair your gas line safely, and efficiently. We can do both residential and commercial gas line repairs and ensure that leaks do not reoccur in the future.


When dealing with gas line installation we work on every part of the process from the beginning to the end. Our team will map out a plan and diagram using the correct piping sizes and lengths in order to determine the best material to use and to install. Since advanced skill is required when working with gas lines, we ensure that our planning and execution involving your repair goes off without a hitch. 

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