Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

If you are looking for Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement in Cypress then look no further. Cooper Plumbing provides garbage disposal repairs, replacements and installation in the Houston area. Having a garbage disposal is a major necessity when cooking and cleaning up after a meal. If your garbage disposal plumbing gets clogged or backed up, your sink can quickly fill up with water. This can cause you to have difficulty in the kitchen and can affect your dishwasher.

Many homeowners find it easy to repair a garbage disposal. You can try clearing the clogged disposal by unplugging the unit or turning off the circuit breaker. You can then use the reset button or a hex wrench on the underside to help loosen up the stuck garbage disposal. Then look under the sink at the bottom of the disposal for a hex-shaped hole and use a wrench to open up the area. It can get complicated when a sink does not have a hex shaped hole to loosen up, and some people may choose to use a broom to force down the blades and rotate the impeller back and forth.

If you don’t know how to repair a garbage disposal or this sounds like something you are not interested in doing, then make it easy on yourself and call Cooper Plumbing and we can help you out today! We specialize in plumbing, including: Garbage Disposal Repair Cypress and Houston areas.

Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Malfunction

You can just dispose of the food waste from your plates down the drain without causing much trouble. However, over a long period of time, the garbage disposal might end up malfunctioning.

Here are some of the common problems faced during a malfunction by the garbage disposal:

  • Disposed food can form a clog in the pipe if the grinding up process does not happen properly.
  • Leaks in the garbage disposal pipe can cause damage to the cabinets, form mold & foul odors. It is best advised to call for garbage disposal plumbing services.
  • Motor jamming due to excess food grinding in the garbage disposal is another reason for garbage disposal malfunction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install a garbage disposal on my own?

Garbage disposal installation is an elaborated process that requires in-depth knowledge of plumbing & electricals. It is a better decision to give a call to a garbage disposal installation & repair service.

These companies have-

  • Licensed trained technicians
  • High-end tools
  • Time saving & cost-saving procedure
  • Customer satisfaction

Get our experts to help you out with your garbage disposal repair & installation process. Give us a call at (832) 441-9683.

How long do garbage disposals last?

On an average, a garbage disposal machine can last for 7-8 years in a normal household. These numbers are based on the average usage of the machine. The numbers can vary depending on how the machine was used.

What things should I avoid putting in the garbage disposal?

Here are the things that you should not put in the garbage disposal machine to improve its life.

  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Bones
  • Nuts
  • Fibrous vegetables
  • Napkins & wipes
  • Cleaning chemicals & paints
How can I sharpen the blades of my garbage disposal unit?

The easiest way to sharpen the blades is by putting some ice cubes in the drain & running the system. Further, you should pour cold water into the disposal drain.

If this does not help, then you will have to call a garbage disposal replacement service to look after the machine.

You can get the best garbage disposal repair & replacement service at Cooper Plumbing, LLC. 

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