How to prevent your pipes from freezing


– Check areas inside and outside your house where water lines are located in unheated areas. Insulate and wrap the pipes.

– Turn on a few faucets and allow the water to trickle slowly. This will prevent the water from freezing.

– Remove garden hoses that are connected to outside spigots. The hose tends to freeze, expanding and causing the pipe connecting to the spigot to freeze.

– Turn off the incoming water valve going into the sprinkler backflow preventer and bleed the valves at the PVB with flat head screws by turning one quarter turn.

– Keep the heat on in the house.

– Open cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to allow warm air to circulate around pipes and prevent them from freezing.

– Open attic stairs or doors to allow warm air to circulate to pipes in the attic.

– Open garage door if there is plumbing in garage and it is connected to home to allow warm air to circulate.


If the temperatures drop below 20 degrees, it is recommended to shut off your main line at the meter and turn on all faucets to let water drain from pipes.