How To Choose A Garbage Disposal


garbage disposal repair                                                                         A garbage disposal is one of those appliances you don’t think much about.  We flip the switch and food particles magically disappear until…..

the blades are not grinding properly, you have to reset it more often, it is constantly getting clogged or you have an unfixable leak . If you are experiencing any of these issues it is time to purchase a new garbage disposal.

When choosing a garbage disposal there are two types of grind chambers.

-Stainless Steel

Both grind chambers are constructed with thermoplastic polymer which helps with rust and corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel chambers are less durable material and can rust and corrode over time.

Stainless steel chambers have a superior corrosion resistance that helps give grind chamber a longer life.

-Motor size

Motor size is also important because the smaller the motor depends on how much food you can grind down. The most common residential units are as small as 1/3 horsepower and as large as 1 horsepower. If you use your disposal often it is recommended to choose inbetween a ¾ and 1 horsepower unit.

How many grind stages do you need for your disposal?

Stage 1 Grind – Food is ground once before passing through drain pipes with water.

Stage 2 Grind – Liquefies food waste, allowing for more types of difficult foods to be ground. Decreases the chances for clogs or jams.

Stage 3 Grind- Allows grinding of almost any type of food with no worry of clog or jams.

-Noise Level

A normal garbage disposals produces a sound of approximately 80 decibels. The quietest units produce only a decibel level ranging from 25 to 45db. Keep in mind a conversation between two people is 60 decibels.